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Rose and love

Rose and love


Rose and love

Roses have a long, storied history. The fossils show that wild roses existed more than thirty-five million years old. It means that roses have been on the earth longer than human beings. However, no one knows exactly how did them appear on our planet? We just gain knowledge about them in terms of myths.

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty and love, was created by sponges. When she was brought into the world, a giant shell put her on and was washed up on the shore by wind’s help. The waves covered and protected her nude body, when she was on the shore, she was worn a coat, made of many kinds of flowers, by Goddess of the spring. Sponges fell down from her body to ground where immediately grown spotless white roses. Once time walking on the Earth Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis the most handsome guy on the Earth. Her husband- God of blacksmith became boar because of obsessive jealousy in order to kill his rival in love. Aphrodite’s led was scratched by thorns of the white rose when she lost her mind to run for securing her Adonis. Her bloods was soaked through white roses and made them turn into red. Ever later, our planet has a new kind of flowers: red rose.

Up to now, roses have been a symbol of love, beauty, even war. As a sign of love, they have sparked the imagination and touched the hearts of so many people. There is no other flowers that have been the highlight of the person’s day; the gift of love and happiness, bringing two people together, or the gift symbolizing grief felt at the passing of somebody loved. The rose, this beautiful delicate flower is a flower more famous than any other in the whole world.

The relationship between love and the red rose.

The rose is a beautiful, captivating, sweet smelling flower with tender petals. The rose flower also grows from a thorny stem. Most people agree that love is single coin with two sides, the one side being a beautiful, sweet and tender emotion while the other side can be bitter and very painful. This analogy can explain why a rose can be used to symbolize love. But why is red without other color? It is argue that of all diverse colors (pink, blue, white, yellow, peach, lavender, red, etc.) that roses come in, the red rose is the color that is accepted universally as a symbol of love.

A lesson from the red rose

After all, a lesson is learnt from the red rose is that a red rose is a beautiful flower that is on the head of thorny stem. Although the stem has thorn, it still has ability to hold something as beautiful as rose flower, and the red rose shines brightly despite these thorns. Yes, every true love will have its share of tears, but a bright red rose that stand radiant above the thorns, the beauty of love should always shine the tear to oblivion.