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Know about the mesmerizing truth about history orchid

Know about the mesmerizing truth about history orchid

Orchid is considered to be a very beautiful flower that mesmerizes almost everyone with its beauty. It is considered to be used in almost all types of happy events carried out. You can find the orchid flower in different mesmerizing colors and with many intricate shapes. The orchids are very popular for its exotic design as well. You might also be the person who loves orchid but, have you wonder about the history orchid? If you have then here are some mesmerizing truth about history orchid.


Orchids are considered to be having a very long lasting and beautiful history. They are in particular very long lasting flower with very elegant beauty. This makes them the best gift that is suitable for any type of occasion. Their beauty can easily catch the eye of any person around it instantly. With the reputation of being a very exotic and very unique flower they obtain a great sense of innocence along with refinement. If you want to have a history orchid then there are plenty of varieties to select from with different meanings. You can always be sure to obtain the perfect orchid to offer exact message you desire for any type of occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays etc.


The history orchid belongs to the period of dinosaurs. As per the research carried out by harvard researchers, the pollen of orchid goes back to about eighty four millions years. To the very day it is considered that the history orchid carried the evidence to be the oldest plant pollen. The findings prove that history orchid belongs to the early period of twenty eight century BC. It was found in the texts of chinese medical inscriptions. It is found that Confucius during the period 551 – 479 BC named the flower as the king of all fragrant plants.


There are plenty of information available concerned to japanese history as well. In history it was mentioned that wife of sterile emperor inhaled the scent of a special type of orchid which is cymbidium ensifolium and had about thirteen children's.  The enthusiasm of japanese related to orchids grew a lot stronger from the history orchids. It was so great that it was also considered to be sold during that period.


The next mentioned of history orchids earlier than the japanese period was in ancient greek during 350 BC. The origin of the word orchid was also considered to have happened during the same period. The word orchis was the name of the flower during this period which means testicle. As per the chinese history with orchids, greeks considered the same for orchid flowers to have the medical properties to heal and stimulate the reproductive system very effectively.


The next findings of history orchids would be at the time of first discovery by europeans which is credited to the leader named cortez. It was considered that when he entered mexico searching for gold the aztecs offered him with a cocoa drink which was vanilla flavored which was used by none other than the great leader montezuma himself. There are great load of information available about history orchids if you like to know. Truly the orchids are great flowers with exotic beauty and mesmerizing properties.