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Flowers for funeral: etiquettes to know for sending sympathy flowers

Flowers for funeral: etiquettes to know for sending sympathy flowers

Flowers are means to convey the sympathies that are heartfelt. The lamentation for the deceased and the consolation to the family of the deceased are expressed by the sympathy flowers for funeral. The friends and the surviving relatives of the deceased soul often send a card called the senders card along with the flowers that reflect with words their kindest sympathy and regards. If the bereaved family does not want the flowers, it is mentioned in the funeral noticed or sometimes these flower arrangements are advised to the charitable organizations.

What are sympathy flowers?

There are some distinction between the flowers for funeral and the sympathy flowers. The former one is generally sent to the house of the bereaved whereas the sympathy flowers are arranged and delivered to the funeral house only. This difference in the meaning is not strictly adhered to in practice.

Types of flowers

The types of flowers for funeral that is to be sent must be determined by the type o the relationship that you share with the deceased one. There are various kinds of flowers to choose from. They are


  • Flower wreaths or heart: this type of arrangements is appropriate for the family members and the friends. These are presented on the easel and put near the casket
  • Casket sprays: this type of flowers for funeral is most suitable for family members. These are directly put on the casket.
  • Standing sprays: this type of arrangement is also suitable for the acquaintances or members of the family. This may be made in different shapes like heart or cross shaped.
  • Funeral offering: this is the best for all types of offering for condolence

Meaning of flowers

The symbolism of the flower and the type of the flower is very important. Flowers for funeral may be chosen in the best way by the knowledge of the appropriate flower that should be sent. Sincerity is classically symbolized by ferns, on the other hand, green leaves symbolizes hope. Lilies reflect purity and roses mingled with carnations and tulips reflect love, unity, courage, purity and respect. Daisies promote innocence while irises suggest warmth.

Also the religion of the deceased is important while selecting flowers for funeral. If the religion of the deceased friend or relative is Buddhism, then fruits and flowers are the best types of offering. For the Mormons, flowers are accepted but the cross or crucifix arrangements are made. Hindus prefer garlands or sprays while eastern orthodox accept white flowers before the burial only.

Price of the flower

The flowers for funeral are not costly because these are meant to be the method of sending love and solemnity. The key aim while selecting flowers is to opt for those flowers that are comparatively cheaper than others. Roses are costly whereas daisies, carnations and lilies are less expensive but put a striking appeal to the bouquet as well. But the most important tip to follow is to prioritize quality than the price. Large flower arrangement can be ostentatious but a few pricey flowers with medium compliments will render a remarkable effect on the other hand. A lot of discounts are obtained form the online flower shops as well.