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Getting to Know Lilies

Getting to Know Lilies

Commonly known to bloom during summer, lilies are a very appealing flower coupled with astonishing scent. They are mostly used as floral arrangement during special occasions to give a venue that perfect décor that depicts the occasion and also a gift.  They come in varieties with the most commonly known types being the Lilly of the Valley, Tiger Lilly, Casablanca and Water Lilly, and the Calla Lilly. Each of these lilies comes in numerous colors with a distinct meaning attached to them.

Lilly of the valley are white in color which makes them a representation of happiness and sweetness. The Tiger lily on the other hand is orange in color coupled with a number of black spots. This type of Lilly is a symbol of pride, wealth and prosperity. Calla Lilly flower which is found in different colors such as pink, yellow and white colors more often than not symbolizes superb beauty.

Despite being aquatic in nature, water lilies are also a sign of religious among several cultures. In most occasions they symbolize peace, enlightenment, and peace. Casablanca also comes in white and it signifies celebration. It is the kind of flower that you will find in wedding in most instances. It is amazing how beneficial this type of flower could be. This is attributed to the fact that, apart from the sweet scent that this flower has, it also has a medicinal value in it. They can be used to improve kidney's functions, cure soar throat, lower down fever, strengthening the lungs and helping in heart conditions. In addition to that, they can also be used to provide treatments in case of a spider bit and also used in cleaning wound to avert further infections.

For cooking lovers you will be amazed with how lilies can spice up your meal. Its sweet smelling petals are also used in preparing deserts as well as stuffing vegetables and meat. The dried flowers buds of lilies are great accompaniments in most Chinese cuisines. When it comes to water lilies are considered as biological filter, they are very essential in cleaning up water from the effects of pollution agents such as heavy metal. Besides providing a good habitat for a number of micro-organisms, they are also a good source of food for the aquatic animals.

These types of flowers can also be used in the textile manufacturing industry. This is due to the fat that it can easily be converted into fiber and used in manufacturing a number of hand-woven products. Glue and soaps are the other products that these kinds of flowers can produce. They are a good air purifier an aspect that makes them very handy inside the house.

Besides their distinct symbolic meanings lilies are a perfect way to send an appealing message to those that you love and care for. There are a number of online stores that deals in these types of flowers hence, you can easily order a package and have it delivered to you while still fresh.