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Roses – At a Glance

Roses – At a Glance


Flowers are a great symbol of love and care; people give out flowers to display their feelings towards an individual or a situation. Nothing displays that love that we have towards the other person like roses. However much that they are a symbol of love; they come in different colors which also impact on their meanings. This therefore, means that there are a wide array of colors that you can choose from to suit a particular objective as regards showing love and care.


The commonly known red rose depicts sacrifice. It shows that no matter what happens you are very much prepared to go through anything to prove you love for your partner. In other words it shows your display of unending love and passion for the person. The pink rose is mostly associated with teenagers. In most cases these types of roses depicts that first love or better still puppy love. It shows youthfulness, softness and innocence. Basically it shows a young and vibrant love.


White rose on the other hand signifies purity therefore; you can prove that your love is pure to the other person by giving that particular lady a white rose. Purity encompasses both feelings and intentions. White color is also mostly associated with peace hence; a white rose is a good gesture when it comes to peace making. Therefore, if your intention is to make peace and seeking forgiveness then give your partner a white rose. For secret admirers this particular rose is also a very perfect tool to show the other person that you have been secretly admiring them.


Yellow roses are the other type of this great flower that symbolizes happiness. This is bound to explain to your partner how happy you feel by having them around you. It also symbolizes jealousy and good jealousy for that matter, hence if you intend to protect your love from covetous lovers this is a perfect way to show that. Yellow roses are also a good way to show maturity in love. It shows that your love has matured with time and you are not about to let go. Peach rose is the other type of rose with a subdued meaning. This is very appropriate for a sick person. This type of rose is mostly known as healing rose.


Besides showing love roses are also used in manufacturing perfumes. This is made possible from the oil that is extracted from the rose flower petals. The fruits from rose plant that are also known as hips are perceived to be medicinal in nature. These are just a few among the many roses thus; a good search will help you in knowing the other types of roses. Internet is the best spot where you can learn more about roses.


It is no doubt that rose is quite lovely nonetheless, it is essential that you understand the meaning that each and every color has. This will enable you present a rose to your partner that matches the intended occasion and also shows the right feelings that you had about them.