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Understanding Sunflowers

Understanding Sunflowers


Widely known for its conspicuously large and yellow petals sunflower has been embraced for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons include their valuable oil, ornamentals and as food. Though commonly grown in South America sunflower is also cultivated world over. They are indeed quite easy to cultivate thus, the reason why majority opt to grow this particular plant.


The flowers of this particular plant are made of minute florets that are stacked together. The florets on the head; turns into seeds when the head is fertilized as the petals falls off as they wither. Moreover, the petals also can come in maroon or orange aside from the usually known yellow. There are a number of species of sunflowers grouped into different clusters mostly according to their characteristic. It will be prudent to name a few of them just to provide some insights regarding this great plant.


Vanilla Ice is one such specie of sunflower that has a very delicate creamy petal surrounding its dark chocolate center. In most occasions they grow up to five to six feet in height. They bloom late in the summer. Sunny smile is the other type of sunflower which blooms early in the summer. It preforms very well even on not so fertile soil. It only grows to a height of 12-15 inches and it has no pollens an aspect that makes it a good pick for indoor purposes. Another, summer bloomer sunflower specie is the Moonshadow sunflower which grows to around 4 feet tall. It’s made up of white petals that surround the black center. This one is also pollen free hence, suitable for indoor arrangements and also bouquets.


Joker sunflower is yet another species of this plant that grow a bit tall with a height of 5 to 6 feet. It comes in a number of shades ranging from brown, orange, red and gold. All these shades are blended nicely and thus, give the flower a very astonishing look. It is also pollen free as well. The Claret Hybrid is a later summer bloomer of the sunflower specie. Its height ranges from 4 to 6 feet. The petals are in deep shade of red with a metallic sheen. These are some of the few sunflower species that are cultivated world over.


In addition to the numerous species, sunflowers also have a number of uses. Skin care is one of the areas where sunflower has provided a great boost. The sunflower oil is now being used as a skin moisturizer. The oil extracted from these flowers is also consumed to take care of a number of ailments in that the oil is believed to contain huge amount of fatty acids, a great component that is vital in preventing the bad cholesterol. The seeds on the other hand are also a great source of protein.


Sunflower oil is also being used in industrial process in the view that it can be used to manufacture hydrogen and thus, providing a renewable environmental source of energy. Sunflower indeed has usage that range from ornamental to health booster hence, it is imperative to get to understand this particular plant in depth. You can count on the internet to provide you with all the information that you require regarding sunflowers.