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Understanding The Different Types of Orchids

Understanding The Different Types of Orchids

Love is one very important aspect of life and everyone in one way or the way want to love or be loved. There are a number of ways that has for a long time been used to symbolize love. Orchids is one such know symbol of love that known to most people. With its aesthetic glance, they produce a delicate bloom that is very touching to one's heart. Orchids have great looking flowers that come in different colors, sizes and shape.


There are thousands of species of this houseplant hence; finding one that you can easily grow should never be a hassle. It is a fact that some species are hard to grow and consequently take care of however, this does not mean that you will not find species that are easy to grow. It only requires some amount of search and you are bound to find appropriate one to grow.


The flowers are a bit long lasting and they also come in different colors which further have different meanings. Their long-lasting aspect can save you the agony of worrying about the withering. This therefore, means that you can prepare your bouquet well in advance. Their color ranges from white, pink red, yellow among others. This makes it possible for one to be able to find the right color that represents one's message. They blend nicely with other set of colors hence, saves one the struggle of blending the colors to fit a particular occasion.


In comparison to other flowers, orchids flower has a superb edge. First, these types of flowers are always available regardless of the season. This makes it an easy grab whichever time you decide to hold your memorable occasion. You also get to choose between the scented and the unscented types hence, odor sensitivity is well catered for.


It is therefore, important to get to understand some of these flowers and their features as this are bound to help when doing selection or purchasing. Cattleya or better known as Corsage orchid comes in several colors such as green, red, orange yellow and white lavender. Cymbidium which also called Boat Orchids is among the liveliest in all the family of these flowers. It is a very common species that is available in several colors such as pink, green, white, and red among others.


Oncidiums also referred to as Dancing Slippers. This species is not only large but also come in a number of varieties. Dendrobium is the other species that are grown mostly in indoor arrangements. They come in several colors also. These types of orchids are mostly found in dining places and hotel rooms. They bloom in warm temperatures.


Paphiopedilum which is also referred to as Lady Slipper orchids is one of the brilliantly shaped and produces numerous colors. Vanda orchids on the other, hand requires support due to the fact that they tend to grow tall in comparison to the other species. Their petals are usually flat and are of the same size.


There are wide verities of orchids that you can choose from nonetheless; these are the most popular species that you are bound to find in any gardening center.