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Useful Information about Daisies

Useful Information about Daisies

Daisies GardenSimple and yet lovely is the perfect description that you can give to this magnificent kind of flowers known as daisies. The term daisy is perceived to be an alteration of the word day’s eye. This is attributed to the fact that these flowers open their petals very early in the morning and closes them during night time. The flowers are made of white petals with a yellow center.

Daisy comprises of two kinds of flowers namely the disk florets, a part that is found around the center of the flower and the petal-like white ray florets that are located at the periphery. Nonetheless, the arrangement is superb that it makes it appear like one whole flower. Capitulum is the term that is used to describe this kind of arrangement. They are mostly found in happy and bright colors such as pink, white, orange and yellow. In essence, they symbolize the inner sanctity, purity of the body, heart and soul.

Even though there are numerous types of daisies, the most common types are the African and Shasta daisy. This flower is a symbol of good things and a new beginning. The Shasta daisy blossoms from the onset of summer to the end and it is normally recognized by its yellow center and the white petals. The African daisy on the other hand comprises of a number of shades namely yellow, orange, and white. This type of daisy is mostly grown during spring. They are also known for their fruits that are filled with seeds.

Gardening is one area that the daises are very superb at in that they tend to give your garden that stunning look. Besides that, they are used for making garlands, and daisy chains. They lit up a place where they are placed thanks to their happy and joyful colors. In addition to the beauty aspect,daisies are also edible as well as healing. They can either be eaten raw or cooked, as a matter of fact, salad made from these kind of flowers taste just superb. When it comes to tea, daisies tea is just brilliant given the fact that it boosts metabolism and also a great appetizer as well.

It’s been discovered that these flowers are also very rich not only in minerals but also in vitamins C. They are also medicinal in nature in that they can be used to cure stomach spasm, for body cleaning, wound cleaning and also very helpful in fighting specific types of cancers. Daisies can be presented in many formats such as the vase or a jar or better still you can opt for a bouquet of daisies.

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