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The never ending importance of Rose as a flower

The never ending importance of Rose as a flower

RosesIt is said that those people who don’t love flowers, children and music lack humanity! Flowers are by far one of the best creations of the nature. Usually the flowers are colorful with fragrance and among such ornamental flowers rose needs to be mentioned at the very beginning! There are about a hundred different types of roses which are mostly bred for their ornamental values.

Rose cultivation for ornamental value

Rose is best known for its beauty and fragrance and is immensely grown in gardens and even indoors. Rose finds immense relevance and use in our day to day life. Most professionals opt for rose for landscaping gardens while many of the wedding planners make use of roses to decorate the place of wedding. Rose is like a sign of aristocracy to many when pinned to the outfits of men in specific occasions. We all know that rose is called as the “flower of love” and it is evident why lovers from all over the world convey their love with rose.

Industrial value of rose

Rose has ornamental value but has immense importance in the perfume industry. Most roses are cultivated for being supplied to the perfume factories as these flowers are scented naturally. There are several hybrids of rose and many of these have medicinal values as well. In the cosmetic industry rose is of utmost importance as well. Since the water obtained by soaking rose petals is good for skin, and the oil extracted from the flower has immense beautifying qualities, roses are cultivated in large amounts. Rose hip from specific rose species are suppliers of vitamin C and are often included in food supplements. Usage of rose has been found in the early Chinese medicine.

Usage of the flower in the food and beverage industry

Rose hips find usage in the making of jellies and jams. The rose syrup is often used in drinks while the powdered rose petals are often added to tea to get a better flavor! Rose flavored creams find use in the confectionary industry! Rose finds use against stomach aches and also researches are going on to prove the carcinoma controlling capacity of the flower.

Rose symbolizes artistic subjects

Rose has been the subject for poetic expressions and philosophical illustrations for centuries! Many of the works of legendary artists include roses. Still objects painters have preferred painting rose among other flowers. Henri Fantin-Latour’s water paintings on still objects especially flowers include mostly roses. Rose treated as a sacred in many religions and is offered to the deities. Mention has been made of rose in the Greek mythology. In Islam as well rose is offered to the prophet and many of the Sufi songs are composed based on the beauty of rose.

Different species of the flower

Mostly the rose flowers have five petals but there are some exceptional species that have lesser petals. The flower rose belongs to the genus name Rosa and likewise each species give flowers of different colors like red, pink, yellow, white, orange and even black! Rose stems have thorns in them to keep animals away and hence it is defensive feature.