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How to maintain your rose garden beautiful and fresh

Roses are known as the symbols of love and beauty, even war and politics. Therefore, they are present everywhere and every when in all aspects in your life. They are soft looking and mysterious, revealing themselves in tens of layers of rose petals. However, they are also aggressive and defensive, exposing pointy rose thorns. Many hybridization specialists have tried throughout time to create rose species without thorns, but the tradeoff was too big: the produced roses were scentless. Thus, they are a small price to pay in comparison with the exquisite beauty of the rose flower.

The rose flower was an endless inspiration for numerous artists, writers and singers. Shakespeare mentioned it no less than 80 times in his whole life work and Oscar Wilde revived the Persian red rose flower legend in its short story: The Happy Prince. The legend says the red rose flower appeared when a nightingale, which was in love with the white rose flower, hurried and hugged her, sticking its heart into the rose’s thorns. The white rose flower was stained with the nightingale’s blood, becoming a beautiful red rose flower.

Tips for Your Rose Garden.

When you decide growing a rose garden,the challenge of caring for rose a garden is worth the reward- a collection of colorful, graceful flowers that are a joy to behold. The information and tips in this article will help you care well for the roses in your lovely garden.

The basics of growing a rose garden reside in the four FengShui( Wind and Water) is the practice of arranging your environment so that energy or “chi” flows gently and smoothly through your home or business environment )elements:


·         Soil: The soil of a rose garden should have good drainage and should be slightly acid (PH=5.5 to 7, but 6.5 is ideal).

·         Watering: Water your rose garden abundantly and deeply during the growing and blooming seasons. Don’t sprinkle, but instead give the roots a full soaking. Four or five gallons per rose in one watering per week bush should do the trick, even for dry soils. Water early in the morning or at sundown, never when the sun is hot.

·         Spacing: If you grow grand floras, floribundas or tea roses, plant them 18 to 30 inches apart. Rose flowers like to have enough space to grow. Miniatures should be kept 12 to 15 inches apart, while climbing roses should have 8 to 12 feet between them, as they like crowded places the less from all rose flower species.

·         Sun: Rose flowers love morning sun. They should get about 6 hours of sun per day, preferably in the morning.

Here are a few tips for choosing rose bushes for your rose garden:

·         Choose grandifloras or hybrid tea roses if you want rose flowers with long stems, good if you also want to keep them as cut flowers in your home.

·         However, think of floribundas, climbing roses or shrubs if you want your rose garden to bloom more often.

Also, in order to retain fresh your rose garden, take the following into consideration:

·         Plant your rose bushes in spring until early summer so that they have time to grow solid roots until winter settles in.

·         Mulch around your roses to avoid pathogens and produce a more fertile soil for your roses.

·         Prune your rose bushes in early spring, just before growing time (this means usually March).

·         Remove the spent blooms so that your bushes will produce new flowers as soon as possible.


This short guide to for rose gardening will hopefully help sort through some of the confusion about roses and entice you to include one or more of these plants in your garden.