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When we talk about flowers, it will be a mistake if we forget to mention roses. Roses are not only the lord of flowers but also loved by plenty of flower lovers. Roses are globally considered as the ambassador for love. Velvet roses have vermilion color symbolizing a passionate and faithful love. Roses are diverse in color; however, red should be the most suitable for expressing love.

Some kinds of orchids show noble enthusiasm of love. They are used on behalf of love confessions or even compliments.

Dahlia expresses eagerness to unite with your ex-lover and promise to keep your loyalty forever.

Pomegranate flowers indicate passionate infatuation.

Tulip symbolizes a rebuke of being not firmness in one’s love.

Pensee flowers remind us of peaceful memories.

Giving flowers is not merely that givers want to buy flowers, but this is an art. Hence, before deciding to give a sort of flowers to the other, you should find out the kind that receiver loves and the meaning of this flower. If you are afraid that receive can’t fully understand the meaning of it, ask the florist for a card and write meaning of the flower down. Occasionally, it is much easier to write what you intend to tell the other than speak to them directly.