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Why should not decorate your house with artificial flowers.

Artificial flowers are more preferable these days because they are designed not much different from natural flowers. When it comes to use artificial flowers, it is more time-saving. However, you can come up with several disadvantages by arranging artificial flowers at home. Florist Vietnam shows you these following reasons for a clear view.

1.       “Tedious felling”

Provided that, after a hard working day with full of stress, you‘ll come back home with a-not-very-good-spirit, and all you need is something fresh and lively, artificial flowers never bring you this feeling. On the other sides, they always create tedious and rather boring space. What is more, if you constantly see them during a month or a year, your eyes will be affected.

2.       Artificial flowers are easily dirty and not environmental friendly.

Though you are a hard-working person who daily cleans your room it is hard to clean all petals.  Artificial flowers with tiny details easily catch dirt and take a lot of time to tide up.

3.       Your house will less eye-catching with artificial flowers.

Normally, flowers are displayed in attractive places in your house.  Guests come to your house firstly will impress with your flowers but imagine what’s happen if they find out that all of these flowers decorated in your house are fake, they may be very shortfalls.

4.       Artificial flowers are costly.

Many of us think that with an amount of money spent for fake flowers helps to save a lot instead of buying fresh flowers daily. However, if you want a beautiful vase of flowers, it will cost you a large sum of money up to hundreds. With those cost, in Vietnam, you can buy fragrant fresh flowers for years.

5.       Artificial flowers don’t bring fresh atmosphere to owners.

Apart from adding beauty for the centerpiece in your house, flowers bring you a fresh feeling which makes you close to nature. And you will never catch this emotion with artificial flowers because you won’t smell their flavor at all.